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Watch Your Language! – Liz’s Journey Part 4: Why She Can’t Do It.

As seen in parts 1-3 Liz is trying to lose weight, save her marriage, get ahead at work, increase her energy, be a better human, oh and have a baby. – Is that all?

Liz has seen her biological age from her BIA test.”It’s not pretty” Liz said. ” Well, the good news is, you can change it. ” JC assured her. “And your quality of your muscle, hydration levels and reduce the fat mass as well.” ” More like mass-ive” Liz snuffed.- “HEY!”  JC said, “Watch your language!” “Imagine if I followed you around in secret, filming your every thought, feeling and action. How would you feel when you hear yourself talk about yourself like that?” “I think a mindset renovation may be what you need”

Liz was joking, but secretly she meant it. She had been sick of all those outfits in her wardrobe not fitting anymore. Feeling uncomfortable at work and in social situations too. It was getting to the stage where she was afraid of being naked in front of her husband and worse still, herself. She has had a complete stranger analyze her fridge and cupboard and convinced her to sign up for a month of something called HITT Reformer and Mat Pilates classes. She was starting to dread all this and had started thinking how hard it was all going to be- maybe it is easier to give up?

Then she remembered why she had asked JC for help in the first place. Because she wasn’t happy. And if she didn’t give all this a go, and make changes then nothing would change. The thought of the possibility of how she would feel as she went though the change and transformation was keeping her on track. She took a breath and realized JC was giving her some extra tips on how easy it can be to implement some small changes that can make a huge difference…..

“Incidental activity is what we call it,” Jodie explained. “Like walking to the shops instead of driving. Getting off one stop early on the tram or train, taking walking meetings instead of sitting in a board room ( or bored room as I call it)

“Or taking the stairs at work instead of using the lift?” Liz added. “Exactly. Simple things like that can make quite a significant difference over time.”

“That’s all well and good,” Liz replied. “But what if I can’t be bothered going to the gym or the studio for my classes? Sometimes I finish work and I’m so tired or stressed that all I want to do is sit on the couch and eat ice cream, chips and chocolate!” “You’re tired and stressed because you don’t exercise!” chimed Jodie. “You need an outlet to relieve that stress, so finding exercises you like to do is the key. When you start, firstly you FEEL better, then you LOOK better and people start to notice a change in you. Imagine how proud you will be when you reach your goal?”

“True. But I’m pretty good at finding excuses though.” “Discipline is the key. We’ll go through your goals book and find some great rewards to help you stick to your plan. And they won’t be food rewards either!” Liz still wasn’t convinced. “Hmm, it sounds great, but I don’t know if I can do it. I’ve tried a lot of this before and it hasn’t worked.”

“Well then, maybe you should have a chat to my Mindset Renovators Team,” Jodie suggested. “What’s Mindset Renovating?” asked Liz.

Just like renovating your house, but we are going to renovate your mind.

Here is a bit about how it works.

Coaching and Kinesiology are key services in Mindset Renovating (MR).  They work on the fundamental dynamics between how we think, how we communicate and our behavioral and emotional patterns. Our Mindset Renovating is a solution-focused and outcome-based program providing powerful tools that can transform the way people think and behave, thus impacting significantly on both personal and professional levels. It allows people to produce their desired results and become far more effective at creating their future.

Our clients have used this service across diverse settings including sports coaching, business coaching, sales training, motivational coaching, life coaching, relationships, career issues and for both personal and professional growth.


How can MR help you?

MR provides an array of tools and processes that will allow you to eliminate, change or adapt undesired behaviours, while empowering and supporting you in choosing and achieving your desired physical, mental and emotional states of well-being.

MR can assist with issues relating to:

  • Weight;
  • Anxiety;
  • Stress;
  • Fears & phobias;
  • Relationships;
  • Unwanted habits, behaviours and addictions;
  • Procrastination;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder;
  • Low self esteem, self worth & confidence;
  • Goal attainment;
  • Effective communication, and much, much more…


How will MR empower you?

Through harnessing these powerful tools, here are just a few areas in which MR will help you achieve amazing results:

  • Support in devising compelling health, personal and career goals and establishing the steps to support you in achieving them;
  • Eliminate fears, unhelpful beliefs and negative emotions that block you from achieving your full potential in your personal and professional life; and
  • Support in changing your thinking, enabling you to generate new and empowering behaviours so you can leverage any situation to its potential;

“We want to make sure we design the right MR program for you Liz” JC said. “So, the next step is a Wellness Coaching Session where we find out whats been stopping you from reaching your goals and create a program to help you reach them, how does that sound?”

” Bring it on!” Liz smiled.

Here is a link to find out more if you are like Liz and are interested in knowing what’s been holding you back and how to reach your goals too.