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Did she manage to keep on the detox on a girls weekend??

Hi all 🙂 Well, its Sunday evening and I have been away for the weekend on a girls weekend. (I tied that in with looking at the new equipment for the studio we are opening in August- keep an eye on that one!) I was without my usual gym routine for three days and was […]

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How is MNWC’s food a holic going with her detox?

Hi all Well… Day one of my 6 week challenge was not as bad as I thought. It must have been all the Easter Eggs still digesting that kept me feeling full 🙂 Seriously though, I had a berry smoothie for breakfast, a few rice crackers for snack, salmon salad with tofu and lots of […]

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Health Researcher & Naturopath Angela explains benefits of detoxing for weight loss, stress minimisation, and digestive issues

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0N0aiDmLdg] Can Melbourne Natural Wellness Clinic’s Director Survive a DETOX?? Anybody about to gorge themselves on their favourite food should take note…. Yes, I have just eaten myself silly succumbing to the chocolaty goodness of Easter Eggs. However, I have a plan in place to help me AFTERwards. After all, it IS a special occasion […]

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