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Liz’s journey part 5- Has she managed to renovate her mind?


WHOA! Transformation time! Liz has seen from her BIA test that she was quite  a few years ‘older’ than she actually is. She has about 8-10kg of fat to lose to be a healthy weight and shape ready for her potential pregnancy. She has started HITT reformer and mat pilates classes 3 times a week and is feeling stronger and leaner. Her friends and colleagues have noticed….

“Hey JC!”  Liz was in an upbeat mood this morning. “I was at work yesterday and several colleagues have asked what I have been doing”. “I’m glowing apparently- I’m not pregnant yet by the way but I am enjoying fitting into my clothes and have so much more energy since changing my mindset and exercise!” “And, who knew I would actually enjoy all this! I thought it was going to be hard, cost me too much time and money but I can say I am happy to be wrong on this occasion. I am feeling amazing!” I’ve already lost 2.5 kg in the past 4 weeks and even my mind is fitter and clearer thanks to the Mindset Renovation team. I had no idea where my ‘eating my feelings’ had come from watching my mum argue with dad and then sit and eat biscuits to make herself feel better!” Änd that Wellness Assessment you did for me- holy s*t! I had no idea where I was at with all 9 of those areas. I thought this was just eating and exercising but you discovered where I wanted to be vs where I am at now with my career, finances, emotional wellness, social and even my environmental wellness. I am feeling less round yet more round-ed! Is that possible?”

“Nice pun!” JC said. “You know, I mentioned MR – mindset renovating to you? Well, from an Mindset Coaching and Kinesiology viewpoint, there are many reasons that may cause a client to increase their weight or fat levels. It is through using these modalities that MNWC is able to support you in clarifying and eliminating the limiting emotional and behavioural barriers preventing you from achieving your goals at the unconscious level. Identifying your personal history helps clarify previous experiences and how they may be affecting you today.

For instance, you may have grown up in an environment that had you believing that it’s very hard, if not impossible, to loose weight. Or perhaps you were teased as a child for being overweight. This process allows us to see where, at the unconscious level, you may have barriers to achieve weight loss.  Your practitioners will help you change your internal state and emotions by identifying exactly what you desire and then re-framing your perspective into a positive, goal oriented approach. This helps to “clear the slate” and build a solid foundation on which to build on.

Depending on what the personal history identifies, there are a number of therapies that could be subscribed:


Parts Integration

Quite often there are two parts of a person in conflict with each other, therefore being a barrier to the person achieving their goals.

One part wishes to loose weight and fat, however another part of themselves prevents them from doing so, by eating the wrong foods (such as too many chocolates) or preferring to sit on the couch rather than exercising.


Well-formed outcome combined with future goals

We help you to establish the steps you need to take and analyse your available resources and the resources you may require, therefore helping you get very specific (practical) about your goals.

We then take this well formed outcome (and how you see yourself), take a photo/snapshot of your ‘future’ self, elicit your timeline and then drop the photo into your future. This strengthens the entire process and aligns everything between now and then, supporting you in achieving your goals.


Belief change

This is where we can change unhelpful beliefs at the unconscious level and change them to more positive beliefs. The belief ‘I’ll never be healthy” or “I’ll never be able to loose my excess fat” can be changed to more positive and supportive beliefs.


Submodality changes

Love chocolates, chips or any other unhealthy food? We can help change the submodalities of any unhealthy food or beverage, helping eliminate those unhelpful cravings and preventing you from reverting back to bad habits.””


Ingesting healthy stuff

“Hmmm,” began Liz. “Sounds like some MR might be able to help out in quite a few areas of my life. I might get Nick in as well. Maybe it’ll help with getting him to talk to me!”

“We can definitely try,” replied Jodie. “Although, he is a man.”

They both laughed.


“What’s the next step?” Liz asked.

We are going to SHAKE IT! JC said.

Liz was excited and terrified at the same time…..