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Liz Gets Physical -Focus on Fitness- Liz’s Journey part 3

Getting physical!

It’s Fitness Time….

Jodie and the MNW team helped Liz define some specific goals and establish realistic time frames, taking into account Liz’s diet, body shape, her lifestyle and likes and dislikes related to previous exercise routines. A regular fitness routine was outlined, including resistance training.

“Lifting weights? Won’t that make me bulky?” asked Liz with concern.

“No, no,” Jodie replied. “Developing lean muscle mass will help you burn calories better. And there will be lots and lots of cardio to help you shed the excess kilos. It may not be the image you have of sweating in a gym with grunting men, you having no idea what you are doing, worried you aren’t lifting things right, no idea what the machines do and worried everyone is looking at you! That’s how I felt when I first started and before I studied personal training myself. Besides, there are many ways to do resistance training, like using your own body weight!

“Geez, I’, not too sure I can push myself that hard.”

“Very funny. Fitness can be whatever you want it to be. Have you tried regular Yoga, Pilates classes? Or HITT – high intensity Reformer machine Pilates is amazing because you get the cardio and the tone at the same time. MNW classes, even in the groups are kept small. There are only 6 in a Reformer class, so its like having a personal trainer. Speaking of…. why not try a personal motivator!” Jodie suggested. “Having someone support and push you that little bit further than you can on your own you will definitely help you get results quicker.”

“A lot to consider. I don’t like that chanty yogi style Yoga but you mentioned MNW is not like this so I may be persuaded! Do you happen to know any good trainers? I know I really need to improve my fitness level!”

“I can make some recommendations for sure. A good trainer is important and there are a number of things you should look for. Your first task though, is to read this,” outlined Jodie, handing Liz a small book.

“What’s this?”

“Your guide to exercise.”

What to consider when choosing a personal trainer or private instructor…

When deciding on a person to train you, there are some key considerations that you should take into account:

  • Do you want to train at home, in a public gym, outdoors, or in a private studio?
  • Make sure they have insurance, up-to-date first aid knowledge and are members of a recognized industry organization.
  • Does your trainer have the right level of knowledge for you? Qualifications are important, but experience counts for so much more.
  • Do they fit your budget?
  • Are they professional? You are going to pay good money for them, so when you have your session they should always be happy to see you even though you may not be too happy to see them! Expect them to be punctual and prepared. A trainer sitting around with a cup of coffee in their hand and wandering eyes during a session doesn’t deserve your business.
  • Feel free to try different trainers and see which one you gel with. It takes time to get to know each other’s personality and character. Remember you aren’t looking for a new friend! You’re looking for a results based trainer.
  • Consider what you like doing as well. Not all trainers are combat commando style. If you are looking for a more personal approach why not try private Yoga or Pilates sessions – professional athletes and celebrities swear by these sessions and they are great for your mind and reducing stress too.

“I think I like the sound of the HITT Reformer and I have tried Yoga in the past but I heard the classes at MNW are more flowing and get the cardio in too, so I am open to giving it another go! Especially because there are no yogi’s and competitions who is most bendy and wearing the latest gear. Let’s get started with some group Yoga and Pilates classes I am excited to try the HITT Reformer. A ‘Get Moving Month’ sounds like me!”

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