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The 13 Words A Husband Spoke That Ended It – Liz’s journey part 1

In the beginning…

“What’s this?” mocked JC lightheartedly, pointing to three almost empty packets of a famous well known Australian brand of Chocolate Biscuits sitting on the fridge’s middle shelf, in amongst an obvious lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Um,” replied Liz, sheepishly cracking a smile.

The week before Liz had been sitting in her favourite café, inhaling her usual almond croissant washed down with her usual second coffee for that time of the day. Suddenly, she had burst into tears, much to the surprise of the casual diners around her who sat by, wondering why the lady of about thirty, sitting by herself, had begun crying for no apparent reason.

Liz knew why. The latte crying session was a turning point.

For a solid ten years she had been successfully climbing the corporate ladder, loving every second until recently, where the stresses of long days and commitment to the firm had begun to take its toll on her body. It had snuck up on her, without her even realising.

The first thing that had evaporated were the 3 times a week gym sessions (despite the direct debits continuing), then the occasional sweet treats had become daily essentials.

Unconsciously entering a downward spiral, it had affected her relationships and the positive perception she had of herself. She was snappy, anxious and always ‘busy’. Her husband Nick, a loving and supportive man, had been by her side for eight years. Equally as ‘busy’, Liz had noticed their level of intimacy had dropped off significantly the past two years. Nick had always blamed tiredness, until recently, when during a late night conversation the truth had been revealed.

They were both keen to start a family. Lying in bed, they had discussed pro’s and con’s. Liz’s proverbial body clock was ticking away and they knew that a significant adjustment to their working lives would be required. However a simple comment by Nick had made her stomach sink.

“I think you might need to lose a bit of weight first, honey,” he’d stated, ending it. He’d killed all conversation for the rest of the evening and perhaps his marriage too!

Liz knew he hadn’t said it in spite, yet it had really hit home. She had once prided herself on her health and fitness. A school champion long distance runner. An avid yoga devotee. A cardio class junkie. A great swimmer. What had happened to those days? Liz couldn’t remember the last time she had pulled on a bikini, not confident enough to stand amongst all the younger, fitter, slender and more perky shall we say bodies at the pool. She felt gravity was not on her side, neither were here genes!

It was that moment of realisation, right when she was sitting in the café, that she knew her husband was right. She was overweight.

“Okay,” said JC, pulling Liz back into the moment. “The first thing you need to do is cut back from three packets of these things in the fridge, to one. I’m not saying cut them out all together. The occasional treat is fine. But you need to take this seriously if you want to get the result you want. It may be a cliché, but change will only happen if you want it to. Do you want that?”


“Good. What I’m here to do is help you create something sustainable, okay?”

“Okay,” replied Liz.

“Now,” continued JC. “What else do we have in here?”

Liz was impressed with JC’s forthright, no nonsense manner. And despite the amount of smiling that was going on, Liz knew JC meant business and was genuinely interested in helping her. That had become apparent during the initial consult over the phone.

A friend of Liz’s had passed JC’s (Jodie Coall) details on. The director of the Melbourne Natural Wellness Centre had come highly praised. Realising she had nothing to lose, except some weight, Liz had made contact.

Via email, JC had gathered some of Liz’s key information with a detailed health appraisal questionnaire and then invited her in to the clinic for a more formal consult to discover her specific needs and goals, her time frame and budget and how the centre could help by establishing an individual plan for her.

“If we don’t know where you are now,” she stated, “how will we know where you’re going? To start off we’re going to conduct a detailed VLA analysis on you. We will measure your fat mass and muscle mass and quality, real age, health of your cells and hydration levels.”

Liz raised her eyebrows inquisitively, “Is that going to hurt?”

Jodie chuckled, “No. It’s a very simple, non-invasive test. Don’t worry!”

“How long do I need to wait for the results?”

“We’ll give them to you on the spot, in a folder you can keep. We’ll keep monitoring your progress so you can track how you’re doing.”

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